Why choose Payroll Florida?

Payroll Florida services was brought about after 17 years of assisting clients and hearing the problems and concerns they had with traditional Payroll Service providers.
Time and time again we heard the following:

  • My payroll provider does not react in an emergency when I need to quickly change my payroll settings
  • They never answer the phone when I call (I am always put through to someone new)
  • They actually charge more than I thought when I add it all together for mailing, input, printing and sending
  • They simply print out what we put in, no one review it, or EVER has any suggestions on how we could improve
  • I have no clue who our actual Payroll person is or what there qualifications are!
  • When any trouble occurs, they don’t want to know and simply say it’s not their fault.


Hallmark CPA Group, LLC formed our group Payroll Florida in order to                        specialize in the needs and wants of our clients.

We have developed a great system that is tailored to clients payroll processing and because

  • We ARE Accountants (not simply a payroll call center)
  • We constantly review your payroll and cash flow to offer advice
  • We review current legislature and changes to help you plan
  • We know that small business needs specialized insurance and payment plans to be competetive with big business as they grow – That’s what we have.
  • We listen to our clients and are constantly evolving to those requests
  • We offer a designated Payroll Manager who can be directly called
  • Our price is ALL inclusive – no nickle and diming by misleading pricing structure being split