Payroll Taxes and filing

Payroll Taxes can often be modemore complicated than first thought.

More Tax penalties are issued for incorrect filing of Payroll Taxes than for Personal or Business Taxes.

We guarantee your Payroll Taxes will be filed correctly and also TIMELY!

Payroll Service you can depend on in Tampa.

Access your payroll 24/7 with our convenient online portal.

Most payroll companies charge you simply for a portal where you do the work.

Payroll Florida is different.

You are assigned a Payroll Manager who is available via phone or email directly.

Once you submit your payroll either through fax, email, or through the portal, that Payroll Manager will review the payroll for you and contact you if anything does not look right or can be improved!

One on one service and care.

We handle all reminders regarding Payroll – Taxes, Payroll direct deposit cut off dates, and Re-employment.

And were there for you to ensure compliance and assistance.


So you don’t have to worry …….simple!