Payroll Florida services has established a formal relationship with an affiliate to provide Pay Cards for your employees. We have selected industry leader TFG Card Solutions to provide these services to our clients.

Pay Cards offer your employees the safety and convenience of having all, or part, of their wages sent to a debit card. The employee’s full amount of their take home pay, or only a portion, is “funded” onto the card using the same process as direct deposit.

You likely are familiar with the direct deposit process, whereby after the payroll processes the employees net pay is sent via the National Automated Clearing House (NACHA) system to be deposited into their personal bank account. The same process applies for a pay card. After the payroll processes the employee’s money is sent via direct deposit to their card.

The employees then may use their card just as they would a debit or credit card.

Here are a few highlights of the Pay Card service through TFG:

•ZERO employer cost
•Bi–lingual enrollment materials available
•Free and unlimited point of sale usage, including cash-back
•Every U.S. employee qualifies (no credit or background checks)
•Text message deposit and/or low-balance alerts
•Free telephone balance inquiries
•Free online account access
•Activation welcome calls outlining best practices
For more information please call us, or follow this link: TFG Card