Employee Health Debit Card

Want to offer assistance with your employees Health Care but can’t afford to offer a full Employee Health Care Plan?

Don’t worry, we have an alternative which is great- an Employee Health Debit card that you can contribute to and saves you money and can really be used by the employee!

read on for more details……..


Contribute Any Amountvalue

  • Even contributing as little as $25/month can help your employees pay for a doctor visit and a few prescriptions.


Tax Deductible &

Tax Free

  • Contributions are tax-deductible to your business and tax-free to your employees.hat


Cancel Any Time

  • Unsure about being able to contribute every month?steer

  • No problem. Contribute once per year instead.

  • And cancel any time with no penalties.

 Health Debit Cards allow you to provide for your employees without the additional cost of premium health care