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Affordable Care Act – Health Plans

Through our Partnership with Drake (a family owned Tax Software provider) we are able to offer our clients an affordable and clear option when it comes to the Health plans available through the Affordable Health Care, Health plan Exchange.

Although the open enrollment period has ended, people who have a qualifying life event are allowed to enroll in a qualified health insurance plan when the event changes insurance status. The federal government determines what a qualifying life event is. On the eHealth website a user can select one of the following options when shopping for insurance on the Exchange:

  • Loss of coverage (due to job loss, job change, etc.; not due to nonpayment)
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Permanent move to a new coverage area
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Other (loss of eligibility for Medicaid, loss of eligibility for CHIP, expiration of COBRA benefits, graduating college or losing coverage from parent’s health plan, gaining or losing a dependent, death of a family member, change in disability status, certain changes in income, changes in household size)
  • Don’t qualify but still need insurance (show other options)



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